PMP Provides Reliable Quality

    • PMP owns excellent technology and equipment, as a result, PMP has the capability to change the polymer macromolecular structure to meet the customer’s expectation and unique physical properties, and able to successfully pass long-term reliability tests.
    • PMP expertise is in dissimilar material bonding technique for different materials combinations (ie. rubber to metal /rubber to plastic /rubber to clothes/rubber to glass…etc) with very good reliability for long-term use.
    • PMP’s elastomers used in wearable & medical products comply with FDA certificate, biocompatibility, and have passed the dermal sensitization test. PMP Taipei HQ lab and reliability lab in facilities worldwide pay strict emphasis on quality control. In the meantime, PMP procures product liability insurance at the largest insurance company in the world and educates employees with product responsibility.
    • PMP possesses 9 major professional labs to conduct regular examination, reliability quality control. PMP conducts internal inspection weekly and sends the product to the 3rd party inspection institution monthly for cross-comparison, avoiding process or material being contaminated. Therefore, customers can utilize the parts with trust and mitigate the risk to recall products globally.
    • PMP produced over 200 million wearable products and had never received any complaints from customers. As a stable supplier, we have well-controlled quality and good maintenance. Besides, we also produced medical-related products over 30 billion and no complaints from customers ever.

    • PMP is well equipped with professional technology, experience, and all kinds of production facilities globally.
    • PMP’s worldwide factories are with over 50% clean controlled room and over 30% clean room(class 100~100,000).
    • From 1990, PMP started to publish technical textbooks including all the environmental regulations and regulated substances to train PMP’s employees which successfully educates PMP’s employees with good product responsibility.