Dissimilar Material Bonding Technology

    • PMP developed and recommended global-brand customers in 2008 to use dissimilar material bonding technology. With a cross-linking reaction, it results in the strong bonding between different materials and rubber, achieves high quality, and is mass-production-capable in the global 3C industry until the present days.
    • This technology has now become the main indicator of global 3C brand design.
  PMP‘s professional strength is understanding the relationship between rubber molecular structure and physical property to overcome the technical challenges. Also, we validate actual products with long term reliability tests. What’s more, PMP could adjust the materials to achieve different requests in physical properties.
    • A strong cross-linking reaction combination with dissimilar material, such as rubber with metal/plastic/engineering cloth/glass/glass fiber/PET/PC/PI/Mylar.
    • The Outgassing-free of our product is assured, also compliances with FDA, Biocompatibility.
    • Adhere to the eco-friendly policy as the long term core value towards technology products. A leader in global research and development of elastomer.
    • Competitive price with the best quality and available to withstand long term reliability test in rapid R&D capabilities.
    • PMP could provide a one-stop system from R&D to quality control, own assets including manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, R&D measurement equipment, OQC inspection, and also long term reliability tests, all in the highest quality standards.
PMP focuses on integrating the theory into production and REL test to achieve products with high quality while at competitive prices.