Founded in 1978 by Mr. Rubber Chen in Taiwan. After many years of successful operation, we now have a global operation, introducing and possessing the latest innovative energy around the world, so that the company can continue to operate.

Company Worldwide Spots:

    • Taipei: R&D Center + 6factories

(10 Major R&D Labs/Innovative Tooling Shop/Automation Manufacturing Design Department)

    • China: 8 factories in China including 5 reliability Labs
    • U.S.A: 1 office + 1 factory in Silicon Valley &  1 office in Boston
    •  Factory Area:  ca. 600,000m2          
    • Factory Land: ca. 660,000m2
    • Employee: 9,900 people worldwide
    • Taipei Global Business Center:
    •  Global real estate/securities/fund investment

Global Sustainability Operation

PMP pays attention to the Green environment- caring about Earth’s resources and environment, emphasizing professional technology, and carrying out employee’s education to strengthen worldwide competitiveness as well as to realize social education responsibility.

In order to achieve sustainable operation and management, all plant facilities are owned by PMP. PMP invests huge amounts of money to purchase plant and the most advanced equipment, from research and development to manufacturing, reliability experiments, etc., which are consistently completed, so it can control the timeliness of research and development and production cost and can achieve high-quality products at a reasonable price.

PMP Group has continued diverse investment and management for decades, making unceasing progress during the process of robust growth. Holding with our tremendous gratitude, we’ve initiated to reserve a certain percentage of the long-term stable profit of our global real estate department to devote to social responsibilityAmong these, education is deemed the most critical measure to reverse the imbalance of the disadvantaged, as well as the most meaningful investment for a country to keep up global competitiveness. Therefore, PMP has been focusing on cooperation with key universities both domestically and overseas. Striving for the maximum achievement to make every penny count.

PMP re-invests the long-term stable profit of our global real estate department as the fundings for talent cultivation. To develop PMP’s worldwide competitiveness, we send our outstanding employees attending global meetings and seminars to increase professional accomplishment from international perspectives.


Clean Green & Modern Factory ・Caring for the Earth・RoHS.FDA.REACH Compliant