PMP Facilities and Manufacturing Capability

PMP pays attention to the Green environment- caring about Earth resources and environment, emphasizing professional technology, and carrying out employee’s education to strengthen worldwide competitiveness as well as to realize social education responsibility.

In order to achieve sustainable operation and management, all plant facilities are owned by PMP. PMP invests huge amounts of money to purchase plants and the most advanced equipment, from research and development to manufacturing, reliability experiments, etc., which are consistently completed, so it can control the timeliness of research and development and production cost and can achieve high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Clean Green & Modern Factory ・Caring for the Earth・RoHS.FDA.REACH Compliant

To provide competitive price with best quality, from R&D, manufacturing process to reliability tests, all can be done in PMP.

From 1990, PMP started to publish technical textbooks including all the environmental regulations and regulated substances to train PMP’s employees which successfully educates PMP’s employees with good product responsibility.