R&D Capability

PMP Taipei Material Developing Laboratories

PMP laboratory is equipped with the world-class instrument

Main purpose :

    • Efficient new product development and analysis,
    • The products can stand long-term REL test.
    • Regularly check if the wearable products and FDA material products are contaminated by prohibited materials in production.

  Our laboratories can be divided into 10 categories according to the functions.

    • Material Safety Lab. (FDA, UL, Biocompatibility, etc.)
    • Material analysis Lab.
    • Thermal Lab.
    • Vibration/Shock/Acoustic Lab.
    • EMI Lab.
    • Optical Lab.
    • Environmental Reliability Lab.
    • Color Lab.
    • Precision Dimension Measurement Equipment.
    • Production Automation & Laboratorial Reliability Test Design Center
    • All PMP-owned equipment and high precision R&D  center.

The introduction diagram of various types of instruments:


PMP Feature:

    • PMP owns excellent technology and equipment for changing macromolecules polymer to meet the specific needs and physical characteristics of materials. Our products can pass long-term, strict REL tests.
    • PMP company regularly check the mass production products, such as biocompatible test, cytotoxicity test, FDA material related tests, medical and environmental regulated substance…etc to make sure they are compliant to international and customer’s requirements.

Examples of our advanced machines:

There are many kinds of equipment in PMP’s R&D Center, mainly used to rapidly research and development and manufacturing quality control.

    • Germany Zeiss Metrotom 800 X-ray:Measuring internal structure without causing damages
    • Japan Keyence VK-X200 3D Scanning laser microscope:Measuring surface roughness without causing damages
    • US Instron High-frequency dynamic material fatigue tester
    • Japan JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM+EDS)
    • Japan JEOL Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis (ESCA/XPS)