PMP Global Locations

PMP is founded in 1978 with headquarter located in Taipei, Taiwan. There are several offices and factories set up in Silicon Valley, United States, China and other locations abroad to support customer demand in all perspectives. Our products are pricing competitive, high quality and efficient in delivery. We are well-known among industries and cooperative partners, also account for 70% of market share.

PMP Pays Attention to Environment

Modernized facilities, green environment, environmental-friendly process.

  1. PMP professional team is cultivated in Asia. We co-develop new products with multinational clients, possessing our own tooling shop and material laboratory. We cooperate with customers to fast fabricate/modify rubber and plastic tools and to work on professional material functionality research.

      Customized Products :

    Functional elastomers (silicone/rubber), dissimilar material bonding (silicone rubber bonded with metal, plastic, textile, glass, etc.), silicone rubbers with precise dimension, professional teeth belts, medical-grade products, and automotive products.

      PMP Emphasizes on International Regulations, Quality Stability :

    • PMP products comply with international environmental protection regulations (REACH, RoHS).
    • PMP facilities possess medical certification of ISO 13485 and automotive certification of ISO16949.
    • PMP laboratories are approved by multiple international third-party institutions.  Its instruments are admired by diverse clients. Products are regularly inspected for biocompatibility, allergen, FDA, etc. internally. Combining third-party inspection for cross-reference, clients do not need to worry about the risk of “Product recalled by market due to consumer allergy issues”.

PMP San Jose Team Characteristics

      • Professional team with many years of experience offer nearby service to clients.
      • Cooperate with clients to efficiently work on samples production and professional color matching, in order to shorten development lead time.
      • Equipped with compression molding , injection molding, tooling shop, laboratory and clean room.

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