PMP | Company Background

♦ Founded in 1978 by Mr. Rubber Chen in Taiwan.

♦ Worldwide Operation, global R&D and manufacture capacity


– China: 8 factories in China

– Taipei: HQ and R&D Center + 4 factories

– U.S.A: 1 office +1 factory in Silicon Valley , 1 office in Boston

♦ Main Product Development and Business of PMP Group:

1. Innovative Functional Materials

main products are :
The world’s highest market share in the elastomer industry and the creator of innovative technology

(A)– Innovative dissimilar materials

(B)– Innovative functional materials 

(C)– Innovation surface treatment materials…etc. 

  2. Global Investment

(A)- Global real estate investment and management

(B)- Global equity securities investment and management

(C)- Global startup fund investment and management

The fixed ratio of profit is used for public welfare education, cultural inheritance and group staff development fund