PMP | Worldwide Operation

All facilities are self-owned, clean and environmentally friendly and green environment

  • PMP pays attention to Green environment- caring about Earth resources and environment, emphasizing on professional  technology, and carrying out employee’s education to strengthen worldwide competitiveness as well as to realize social education responsibility.
  • In order to achieve sustainable operation and management, all overseas facilities and related equipments are owned by PMP, so it can achieve rapid research and development, stable quality, and high-quality products with competitive pricing.
  • PMP is actively engaged in environmentally friendly processes, with all of management and employees committed to green initiatives. This recognition reflects our commitment to ensuring material safety and compliance.

  • PMP has been approved by SGS Switzerland Head Office and has been honored with the SGS Green Mark Carbon Management Award, making it one of the three companies in Taiwan to receive this recognition.

  • Whether in the development of new materials or the monitoring of mass production, PMP consistently prioritizes material safety. This commitment enables us to provide customers with high-quality and reliable products. Additionally, PMP is the only company to receive two awards, securing its position as the top-ranked among all companies in Taiwan.

Clean Green & Modern Factory ・Caring for the Earth・RoHS.FDA.REACH Compliant

PMP US | Company Background

PMP has production factory, R&D center and offices in Silicon Valley since 2019. Aiming to provide more frequent and face-to-face communication for the latest developed technology and business cooperation. And train high-level innovative technology developers in Silicon Valley, U.S.