PMP | Worldwide Operation

All facilities are self-owned, clean and environmentally friendly and green environment

  • PMP pays attention to Green environment- caring about Earth resources and environment, emphasizing on professional  technology, and carrying out employee’s education to strengthen worldwide competitiveness as well as to realize social education responsibility.
  • In order to achieve sustainable operation and management, all overseas facilities and related equipments are owned by PMP, so it can achieve rapid research and development, stable quality, and high-quality products with competitive pricing.

Clean Green & Modern Factory ・Caring for the Earth・RoHS.FDA.REACH Compliant

PMP US | Company Background

PMP has production factory, R&D center and offices in Silicon Valley since 2019. Aiming to provide more frequent and face-to-face communication for the latest developed technology and business cooperation. And train high-level innovative technology developers in Silicon Valley, U.S.